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In all likelihood your site is in this slow boat. Even if you think it’s fast it’s probably not fast enough. According to the latest Google performance metrics many companies are lagging behind. Rice. Average download speeds in different areas If people leave a site within  seconds then those sites risk losing their visitors. There is a chance that your mobile traffic will increase by  if it takes seven seconds to load a page. Rice.

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Probability of leaving depending on page loading speed But fortunately we can use several different tools to help diagnose common problems that are slowing down our page loading speed. Establishing the loading speed of our site should be a top priority as it will show if people will spend time browsing the site and reading the content. Use Google PageSpeed ​​Insights to Jordan Mobile Number List get started. First go to the Insights page and enter your website URL. There you will get clear and actionable data on how to fix your website speed. Rice. Google PageSpeed ​​Insights Then click Analyze and wait for the results to appear. You can also sort the results by mobile and desktop speed to optimize for both.

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Rice Results for mobile and desktop versions The results will help you understand what you are doing right and what you can improve. For example when I got a Good rating of  he showed me what I could do to get my score closer to . Rice. Tips from Google PageSpeed ​​Insights It also shows me the current optimizations I’m using to keep up the speed. Rice. Current optimizations that are used to maintain speed To receive suggestions for optimization just click BU Leads on each of them and get detailed instructions on how to fix them. Rice. Optimization Tips Another amazing Google tool that works specifically for mobile is the Test My Site tool. This is one of my favorite ways to test client sites and quickly adjust their speed.

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