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The list can be updat after the ads run. Content targeting methods Content targeting is nothing more than choosing. The destination where our ads are to be display. As with audience targeting, Google Ads offers several options. Some are more general, and some of them allow you to narrow down the space in which we are display. Placements – This option allows us to choose where we target our ads. It can be, for example, a group of select websites thematically relat to products, services or our brand. Placements in target ads can be: apps on the Google Display Network sites on the Google Display.

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Network videos on YouTube YouTube channels. It is worth verifying whether a given YouTube channel is includ in the advertising network. Is Djibouti Email List not subject to restrictions due to, for example, the sensitive nature of the message, or whether the creator himself has not impos certain restrictions relat to, for example, cooperation with another brand. More details on this can be found here: How do official artist channels work Themes – This is a very good targeting method as our ads will target thematically relat videos and channels on YouTube and the Google Display Network.

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Thanks to the use of this targeting model, our ads will appear in many different places on YouTube relat to our business. Keywords – Ads can be display on pretermin keywords contain in a given YouTube channel or video. This is one of the targeting methods that allows us to fine-tune your campaign settings. Devices – As the name of this method BU Leads suggests, we select the device on which the advertisement is to appear. We can choose between mobile, desktop and we can also broadcast our ads on TV screens, if a given user uses, for example, Chromecast or another mobile device that transmits the image to the TV. We have a lot of methods of ad targeting or targeting.

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