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HTML image tags The search engine does not index CSS images. Therefore, to display them in Google Images, let’s put them in the HTML code. Everything you ne to know about content analytics in marketing campaigns Judyta Kokoszkiewicz May. You will read in ~ min. Ebook content analytics Is investing in various forms of content marketing profitable. How to analyze the effectiveness and profitability of such activities You can read about this, among other things, in this article. Where is the written word going What future awaits them in the age of new mia. How do we check if the content on our websites is effective. Answers to these and other questions will be provid by our specialists.

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Anna Moczulska and Katarzyna Sikora-Protasiuk, who know the issues of analytics and content marketing in their little finger. What is Denmark Email List content marketing In short, these are long-term activities consisting in creating content tailor to the nes of readers. There are many possibilities, formats and distribution channels tailor to the recipient. It is worth noting that content marketing is not only the written word, but also messages convey through infographics, podcasts, webinars, videos on YouTube, or in the form of multimia presentations. How to measure the success of content marketing strategies.

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We can speak of success in content marketing activities when our messages reach the right recipient and encourage them to take specific actions. The perfect example You publish valuable and substantive blog entries about the automotive industry, and your recipients are happy to leave their e-mail in exchange for the content you share. Remember BU Leads that the key here is solving specific problems and answering the recipient’s questions. Importantly, most of us, when making purchasing decisions, are looking for interesting information about a service or product – this is also where the content marketer can show off Valuable content also builds awareness of your brand and will help you position yourself high in Google search results.

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