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Niezliczone pomysły na aranżacje i oryginalny design. Zainspiruj się, znajdź swój styl.”> Examples of title and description in Google Images: meta-style-home-graphicsmeta-product-style-home-graphics . Text on images Robots do not read the inscriptions on the images. Therefore, let’s use text on images only in situations where it is necessary , when creating infographics that require it. . Image optimization Let’s adjust the images on the website to different screen resolutions. Using too large images and too much weight on a mobile site negatively affects its loading spe.

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For the sake of effective SEO, let’s remember about index websites in mobile versions, which should contain graphics adjust to their size. . Image URLs Let’s name the images according to their content before putting them on the page. Search Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email List engine algorithms take into account the words found in the URL structure . It is also important to use descriptive names in the image path instead of those that contain only the image number, for example: “DESC. Wrong: <img src=”imagesDESC ” alt=”Projekt domu nowoczesnego z dachem dwuspadowym”> Good: <img src=”imagesprojekt-domu-z-dachem-dwuspadowym” alt=”Projekt domu z dachem dwuspadowym w stylu nowoczesnym . Place graphics on the page Let’s place the images in the right place on the page.

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It is important that they are next to the description they refer to. Such placement is more understandable for both users and robots. . Sitemap with images We can add a sitemap with image urls on the page . Thanks to this, Google BU Leads will detect images that it was unable to find on the site. In the map with images, we can include additional information (metadata), such as: image title, location, and also add images with URLs from other domains to it. This will enable us to host the images on a Content Distribution Network (CDN).

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