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If  in fact, in 2019 there was general growth in the overall market. It should be noted that, at the beginning of 2020, the main increase in turnover was seen precisely in the travel eCommerce part. Which totaled  reaching 15 .5 billion euros , above all thanks to the mobile part, which, as we will see. Is destined to have great importance in the and marketing future. This is because the spread of the internet is now a substantial and incontrovertible fact when it comes to travel . In fact, just think of how much digital technologies are used by tourists to choose, book and manage their trips.

Precisely in light

Of this, it is possible to Germany Phone Number List understand why the digital sector of tourism has become equally. Relevant and in a certain sense “parallel” to the analogue sector, not only for travelers but also for operators in the sector. Who can no longer give up developing digital solutions for its customers and integrate them into their business. Second among the digital trends in the travel sector : the digitalization of the experience Upon closer inspection. It is precisely starting from the first trend that the second can be derived. That is, that the tourist experience during the trip is increasingly digital , in the sense that. It is increasingly common and frequent for people to use of digital tools and technologies to enjoy a better experience.

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An example above

All is the use of the smartphone , which Belgium Phone Number List is undoubtedly the ideal companion for every tourist. Thanks to its multifunctionality , the smartphone is in fact constantly used by travellers. Who use it to do the most diverse things. For example, 68% of Italian tourists look for information through this mobile device. Rather than using a computer or tablet; for 42% of those interviewed, however, the smartphone is essential for sharing. Their experiences on social profiles; finally, 38% leave comments and reviews on dedicated applications and sites . Upon closer inspection, therefore, the mobile phone is and is destined. To increasingly become a relevant touch point for every operator who wants to effectively reach potential customers .


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