Allegro Ads I learn on my own, and now I am the Head of e-commerce at EasyCommerce. Allegro’s partner agency, with the status of Allegro Partner Ads. Sebastian Suma: Is it possible to succe in selling on Allegro without advertising? Tomasz Slaski: No. Allegro offers various forms of promotion and it is worth using them. For some time, it was possible to buy wine on Allegro, but it was not possible to advertise this wine using Allegro Ads . It turn out that, despite everything, those who us this form of promotion, us keywords and distinctions for a short time when Allegro Ads was available.

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Were the best sellers. Distinctions, bargain zone, Allegro Ads – are these all forms of promotion on Allegro? These are the three main groups. After entering the phrase in the search engine, the user will receive results with a visible division into four Panama Email List sections. The first one is the graphic banner, which is usually us by the largest sellers. Instead, there may be a graphic with the brand logo and photos of two products that rirect straight to the auction. The next one is products mark with the inscription “sponsor offers”. The third section is the promot offers that have what is call a distinction.

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B2b Customer Purchase Path

You often have to go further than the third page of search results to see offers that do not benefit from any form of advertising support. Awards exist from the very beginning of Allegro and for a long time were the most popular form. Now Allegro BU Leads Ads competes with it because it can be much more profitable and makes it easier to manage costs. We submit the offer for distinction by clicking the appropriate option in the panel. There are two fees for the award. Listing an offer for days costs PLN , so it is PLN per month plus the so-call “commission boost”, which increases it by . It is therefore quite an expensive and inflexible form of advertising. And what determines which featur offers appear higher or lower.

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