The role of marketing in a b2b company

So it works the same as in Google Ads and any other auction model. It is worth remembering that we choose the rate for the group, not for individual products. The maximum CPC cost is PLN , but the suggest cost is usually between PLN – and PLN . Of course, you can beat the rates, you can also set budget limits. Now let’s talk about display advertising. Is it to build awareness or is it a sales advertisement? First, let me explain a bit more about text advertising. By including it in Allegro Ads, we have no influence on how it will look.

Marketing Strategy Why Should Companies Have One

We report the product and its advertising is bas on the title and photo, we also do not define keywords ourselves, the system chooses them (Allegro Partners agencies can target words). Graphic ads are the most sales. We can include the brand logo (not Paraguay Email List the store), a short slogan of up to characters, CTA “check” leading to any link in Allegro and two product photos. Importantly, in order to use the brand logo, we must have permission and indicate it at the stage of creating the advertisement. Display ads are bill in the CPM model, cost per impression. The fix rate for all categories is PLN per views.

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This is a relatively new format, not many sellers use it yet, so it’s worth testing. Allegro Ads offers targeting bas on keywords. Are there any other ways to limit the reach of ads? Can I select the user groups I want to reach? Graphic advertising BU Leads is more extensive in this respect and after selecting products, you can move on to targeting – you can choose between precise and broad targeting. Precise means that your ad shows in very narrow categories to which the product belongs. Another form of targeting is to specify the keywords for which I want my offer to be display. Targeting bas on user profile is not currently possible.

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