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The internal mesh has a strong impact on the referencing of a website. Don’t skip this step! Netlinking In effect for several years with the Penguin algorithm, keep in mind that quality takes precdence over quantity. Favor links from a site with the same theme as you and try to vary the number of referring domains . The more different domains you have with a high level of authority , the better the positioning of your site will be. Includd at least between 30 and 35, the authority level of a domain corresponds to the degree of importance.

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That Google gives to a website. You can forget the 50 links coming from the same domain name! This will have no weight for your SEO. Finally, keep in mind that a conceptualizd link will carry more weight. The cellphone Mobile is taking a whole phone number list new turn in the eyes of search engines. So be careful to respect Google’s rules for mobile compatibility – Make responsive design sites that adapt according to the screen size of different devices (mobile, tablet, computer, TV) – Use the dynamic serving or “dynamic delivery” which displays separate codes on each device but on the same URL.

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Set up separate URLs. The different mobile URLs display a code that differs depending on browsing on a computer or on mobile devices. Social networks BU Leads Finally, do not neglect social networks. Admittdly, this is not the primary criterion, but it can quickly offer you significant notoriety. Inded, likd, commentd and shard pages are better rankd in search results. We could also tell you about the importance of the sitemap, rich nippets, loading time, but this is coverd in the audits we carry out.The search engines that will crawl the pages of your site will give more importance to a word insertd in an  tag than in a tag.

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