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We so often make the mistake of believing that goals and excellence require monumental effort incredible willpower and motivation. But all it takes is total dedication to small manageable tasks. Just decide what is really important to you. Drop your prejudices. And step by step slowly but surely go to your goal. Mastery means consistency. Share: How to create a chain reaction of useful actions   Leadership  Translation Original – James Clear | Psychology of behavior Habits Productivity All human actions are often connected with each other. Consider for example the case of a woman named Jennifer Lee Dukes. For two and a half years of her adult.

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life from the time she graduated from college until she turned  she did not make her bed except when her mother or guests came to her. But at some point she decided to pull herself together and for four days in a row she made the bed – it would seem the result is insignificant. However on the fourth day in the morning already finishing making the bed she began to Oman Phone Number List collect socks and fold clothes that were scattered all over the room. Then she found herself already in the kitchen with dirty dishes in her hands and the firm intention of loading them into the dishwasher. Then I moved the plastic containers to the closet and as a decoration put a decorative pig on the table.

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She later said Making the bed set off a chain of small household chores. I kind of matured. And now I am a full-fledged adult with a made bed a clean sink with things laid out on shelves and a miracle pig on the table. I feel like a woman who has managed to amazingly pull herself out of the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle of domestic chaos. This is how Jennifer Lee Dukes experienced the so-called Domino Effect. domino Domino effect The domino effect is that BU Leads changing one action activates a chain reaction of subsequent related actions. For example in  a study conducted at Southwestern University found that people who changed their sedentary lifestyle to a more active one also reduced the percentage of fat they consumed.

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