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Testing is a must. This is an essential step in your campaigns. If you don’t believe me here’swhat Bill Gates said about it in : Picture  Rice. Bill Gates: .A/B testing tactics need to be used much more often than we use them today. A Brief Introduction to Split A/B Testing .and How It Works. Split A/B testing .or simply split testing. is the process of comparing two versions of a web page and testing them. This helps you understand which version will lead to more conversions. When it comes to split testing we generally have two elements namely: control: this is usually the first web page or element you have designed. variation: you can’t be sure that the element called .

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perfect version you need to create another variation that will compete with it. In essence you need to understand which version converts better – control or variation. Often the difference between the control and the variation is very small – different color wording positioning and so on. Let’s put it graphically: Figure  Rice. Control and variation Imagine for a second that Pakistan Phone Number List your site is a box with two balls of different sizes and different colors – green and red. Let’s say that every time a potential customer visits your site they select a ball of a certain color. If he chooses the red ball he makes a purchase. If he chooses the green ball he clicks on the  in the upper right corner of your browser and leaves.

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Essentially the box determines your conversion rate. But fortunately you can influence or . control the process of choosing a ball by your ideal client. This is where split testing comes in. Figure  Rice. Split testing You must understand that it is impossible to know the exact conversion rate of your website by simply assuming that a certain version of your BU Leads web page or element will perform better. The conversion rate can only be estimated based on other factors. By testing two or more versions of any campaign you will be able to make smart decisions that will lead to improved conversion rates. Always calculate the range when calculating your conversion rate. 

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