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Million Words SEO Translation We present to your attention a translation. Of an article on the analysis of the Google Hummingbird algorithm. From an American marketer Neil Patel Original taken from How Google Hummingbird Really Works What We Learne by Analyzing . Million Words of Content Search algorithms are very complex. The task of an SEO optimizer is to understand them. It’s not that easy since Google uses over ranking factors. And Google won’t tell us how it ranks sites. So we need to guess.

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How can we understand how this algorithm works The article you are reading now is one of the latest studies on this issue. My goal is simple. I want to find out exactly how the Hummingbird algorithm works. Why Hummingbird Because this algorithm Bahamas Mobile Number List was the biggest change ever made by Google. Google search is completely driven by the Hummingbird algorithm. I could keep this information private but I don’t want to keep the valuable data I’ve receive a secret I spent a lot of money asking for help from researchers engineers statisticians programmers and data providers from Market Muse.

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This article will tell you what we found out by analyzing hundreds of thousands of pages and millions of words of content. In addition we a semantic word groups organize them into thematic clusters and correlate them with a database of over . million content items. This study is the most comprehensive of its kind. It really shows how Hummingbird works If you read our data you will understand how Hummingbird works and can BU Leads use this information to your advantage. This is how we grunted the data According to our observations Hummingbird ranks web pages that have comprehensive and accurate content on a narrow topic higher than others.

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