The best news is that this service is completely free and works flawlessly with the Google search engine itself. See you at Rush Table Tennis Cup .Instagram art how to increase the number of followers and likes SMM Translation We present to your attention a translation of an article by a well-known marketer Neil Patel dedicated to effective promotion on Instagram. Original taken fromThe Science of Instagram How to Get More Followers and Likes It just so happened that I hadn’t used Instagram before but once I found out it had over million users I was left with no choice but to take a look at it.

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Why you ask And all because you can use this platform not only to promote your own brand but to promote your entire business. When I first started using this resource in the first few days I had up to a hundred followers but then this figure gradually stopped growing. Although I had new subscribers every day their number was insignificant. My followers only Azerbaijan Mobile Number List put likes on any of my posts. In the end I decided to learn more about promotion on Instagram what makes users like images what makes them become followers and follow other users and most importantly what can be done to get more followers who would like your photos more often.

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I tried to apply new knowledge in practice in my account. Now I have a steadily growing number of subscribers – more than per day Now my photos easily get over a hundred likes. Best of all I was able to achieve this result with just people following I know I should follow more J users. If you want to get more followers and therefore more likes for your Instagram photos here is what you need to do Link your Instagram and Facebook accounts This is perhaps the easiest and most obvious way to increase the number of your followers on Instagram – of all user BU Leads of the service are also on Facebook. By linking two accounts to each other your Facebook friends will notice the Instagram account and start following you on Instagram. For example of my Facebook friends have also subscribed to my Instagram account.

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