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If you notice that a keyword is getting a lot of impressions but a minimal number of clicks this may mean that your content title needs to be adjuste because it is not interesting enough to motivate users to browse. Links to your site As you probably already know links to your site play an important role in the relevance or lack of it that Google ranks. If your site is link to by many authoritative websites in your area it will greatly improve your rankings and help with SEO. On the other hand if there are links from superficial irrelevant sites not in your area the effect will be the opposite and it will hurt your rankings.

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While there are several paid tools that analyze your site’s link profile Google Search Console is a very good alternative. I find its functionality quite sufficient for normal use and at the same time it is absolutely free. Just click on the Search Traffic button and then Links to Your Site picture- Rice. . Links to Your Site Links to your site You will immediately Armenia Mobile Number List┬ásee a lot of useful information including total number of links who links more often content that is most frequently linked to how your data is referenced. Having this information is important for two reasons. First you will know which sites are linking to you. If you are receiving links from superficial or spam sites you may want to opt out of such links.

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Secondly you will know which relevant authoritative sites are linking to yours. If you find that a post from a good resource links to your content this will give you a number of new opportunities. Indexing Status Next I recommend looking at the indexing BU Leads status of your site. This information can be found by clicking on Google Index and Index Status. Then click on the Advanced button at the top. You will see a graph that looks like this picture- Rice.

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