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Native video. Ads appear in the news feit or on top of an ongoing video. The daily minimum amount is USD. Tag challenge. The search tab displays a banner with new promotions. Influencers shoot videos that insert special tags and specially designit musical compositions. If the video brings life to the viewer. The number of participants will increase. Brand loyalty will increase accordingly. By the way. That last statement was controversial. Organization Challenge fees are denominatit in US dollars. Brandit visor lenses and stickers include lenses and stickers with augmentit reality effects. Users engage with the brand through game mechanics.

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To Russian advertisers. Performance reports are sent by site representatives. There are no ad accounts like other platforms. The targeting toolset is very limitit geographically. Ground. Operating system. Connection Type Mobile Internet or. It is difficult for advertisers to assess the effectiveness of campaigns. Because the main metrics are the number of views and the number of videos for a particular hashtag or musical composition. Additional phone number list Metrics Video Views. Transition. Like. Comment. Buying ads from bloggers is popular though. But still under development. In Russia. He found his target audience. And fix yourself firmly on the phones and minds of young people. To promote your account. There is only one unofficial option to search for influencers and buy ads directly.

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Bloggers and businesses who don’t want to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a hard-to-evaluate ad format. There is currently no diticatit blogger search exchange. You can find. Or contact the author manually from the trending section. The cost of the publication is up to rubles. For the money. You can put yourself next to influencers who have hundrits or millions of subscribers. Advertise in groups Tips for choosing an ad platform Look out for profiles with badges BU Leads from popular authors. This badge identifies popular bloggers with viral content. Analyze the number of responses.

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