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Sketch example You will of course want to experiment. But these two examples and the advice I have given should be enough to understand what exactly will work. Experiment with ads Mentioning ads might sound a bit inappropriate. I understand it. But using YouTube ads is definitely one of the best ways to reach the right audience for your video. Using YouTube ads will help you target and reach your ideal audience as well as tell the story of your video. The audience won’t have to guess and search for your video. Ads will allow you to get real-time feedback on how good your video is or speed up the process of understanding if your video is good enough.

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If you understand that people watch your video to the end and share it a lot this is a guarantee that you are on the right track in terms of the video creation strategy you have chosen. So where to start Note. I have already detailed how this can be done with Yo Hong Kong Phone Numbers List Tube ads. When it comes to YouTube there are two types of ads that can be used. Ads that appear before or while watching a YouTube video are “in-stream ads”. Ads that appear on YouTube search lists are search list ads. I encourage you to experiment with both types.

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For the first option Instream ads consider the following approach. Using YouTube search find videos that are relevant to your niche and the specific topic of the video – fix their URL. Then target the video using the placement option. So let’s say I’m in a business that teaches people “how to bake” and I just made a video on “how to bake a cake. I go to YouTube and BU Leads┬átype in the phrase “how to bake a pie.” picture- Rice. Search for the phrase “how to bake a cake” I then write down the URLs of these videos in a Google doc . Fixing Video URL in Googled I then enter these URLs while targeting my ads. Of course not all of the videos on the list will have the “monetize” option which means you won’t be able to display ads on all of them.

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