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Luckily social media is the perfect platform for building social proof. Here are some specific ways to help you maximize social media. Engagement¬† try to get an expert in your niche to link to your blog post on. Their profile place a picture of a famous person with an image of your product. Encourage customers to share photos of your product. Here is an example of a celebrity from the Snapchat platform – Sean McBride known. As Honduran Taco Bell uses his Snapchat account to launch their Cap’s Crunch Berry Delights. picture- Rice.

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An example of using a famous person’s account to promote products These are just a few ideas but the possibilities are nearly limitless. Just find a way to get others to say good things about your brand and your reach will start to grow as will your leads and Germany Mobile Number List conversions. Use the sense of nostalgia As someone who grew up in the s I get a little sentimental when I think about things like the original Nintendo Goosebumps books water pistols and Nickelodeon plasticine toys. It brings back fond memories: picture- Rice. . Toys from the s It doesn’t matter if the past was really good it doesn’t matter. Most people look at the past in particular at childhood through rose-coloredglasses.

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What does this mean in terms of social networks This means that using nostalgia in your marketing campaign can greatly improve social media engagement levels. Robert M. Brecht Ph.D. wrote an article explaining why the use of nostalgia in marketing is so effective. According to Brecht: According to marketing research the use of nostalgic advertising has a positive effect. Such advertising has a more persuasive impact on customers. He also refers to BU Leads a specific study and says that: “This indicates that when consumers experience nostalgia in the context of consumption there is a higher likelihood of purchasing advertiser ducts.

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