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If you start with a list of – videos you need to consider the submission form for your target audience. If you want to target your YouTube search results list you’ll need targeting keywords. Use the YouTube search box to find relevant keywords. Enter a keyword that explains what your video is about. Then write down other relevant keywords that will come up thanks to “autocomplete”. As you can see below if I enter the phrase “how to bake a cake” I get a list of relevant keywords that are suitable for targeting. I have highlighted some of them that are worth my attention.

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picture- Rice Example keywords to use Note. Suppose I teach people how to bake a simple cake. That is why I chose these main keywords. If I want to target with more relevant keywords I simply choose one of the ideal keywords and then press space. picture- Rice. Keyword search example Now I have a list of even more keywords to target. As I mentioned Indian Phone Number List above ¬†all letters of the alphabet can be used if you want to find other relevant keywords. Then I just need to write down these keywords in a Google Doc and enter them when setting up ad targeting. Promote yourself everywhere Yes you’ve created a YouTube video but that doesn’t mean you can only promote yourself on YouTube.

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Post links to your content not only on YouTube but also on all other digital platforms including your mailing list or Facebook page. If you know of any influencers who might find your video helpful you can email them that you’ve created something they might like. Don’t be afraid to let the world know that you have something new something to offer. Take care of your subscriber base You should also consider building a subscriber base. If you can attract BU Leads subscribers your videos will automatically get a lot of views. If you provide your subscribers with a good user experience then your video will also rank better. I have already described how you can get more subscribers on YouTube in my previous articles. Besides creating good content there are a few other key steps you can take to get more followers.

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