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Sire’s work his experiment and some other studies have aroused scientific interest in the subject of sleep which even led to the creation of centers dedicated to its study at the largest universities such as Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania. And given the fact that we spend almost / of our entire lives on sleep it seems incredibly strange why this issue has recently become so seriously interested in scientists. In this article I would like to talk about the science of sleep itself about its nature. Why do a huge number of people suffer from sleep disorders and are there ways to combat this problem So let’s begin.

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Lack of sleep how much time do we need to sleep How much time do we really need To answer this question consider an experiment conducted by researchers at the Universities of Pennsylvania and Washington. The experiment began by selecting healthy men and women who averaged – hours of sleep a night. They then divided the subjects into Guatemala Mobile Number List four groups. The first group had to stay without sleep for days. The second group slept only hours the third – and the fourth – they had to adhere to this system for days. During the entire experiment the physical and mental data of the subjects were under observation. What is the end result.

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During all days the subjects who had hours of sleep showed no impairment of either attention or cognitive or physical functions. But for those subjects who slept for and hours the same functions gradually decreased. The four-hour group showed the worst result. Six hours is not much better. So what did we find out. First lack of sleep tends to accumulate. Sleep deprivation has a profound effect on our neurobiological system. Within a week of the BU Leads subjects in the six-hour group could fall asleep at any time during the day. After two weeks a performance deficit began to be observed. The result was comparable to how if they did not sleep for two days in a row.

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