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The filtering process begins unnecessary information is removed memory improves the experience gained in the last hours is analyzed learning is simplified and the process of growth of new neural connections is started. Body temperature and blood pressure rise pulse speeds up. As a rule the phase of REM sleep occurs several times a night from to . Without REM and NREM sleep the body literally begins to die. It cannot recover physically the immune system weakens the reaction of the brain worsens. People who deprive themselves of sleep are at greater risk of exposure to viral infections experts say.

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It also contributes to weight gain high blood pressure diabetes heart disease various mental illnesses and mortality. To summarize during deep non-REM sleep the body recovers physically during REM sleep or REM sleep psychologically. As we age the amount of Honduras Mobile Number List time we sleep decreases. Which also means a deterioration in its quality and a decrease in the body’s ability to regenerate. Age-related changes in sleep According to research conducted by Harvard Medical School people take longer to fall asleep as they age.

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This phenomenon is called the increase in sleep latency. And sleep efficiency is also reduced. Experiments have shown that the average -year-old person needs at least hours of quality sleep to fully restore strength while the average -year-old needs only about . There are a huge number of factors that affect the aging of body tissues and cells but we can assume that the lack of healthy deep sleep only contributes to this process. In other words healthy sleep is a BU Leads direct path to longevity. Sleep deprivation. How to restore strength For normal functioning the body of an adult needs from . to hours of sleep. Since older people often suffer from difficulty falling asleep at night they compensate for this with daytime naps.

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