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MagnifyMoney contains content that directly affects the ranking factors that play an important role in Hummingbird. Despite the fact that the profile with links is quite small. Here’s what’s really important to remember a site optimized for Hummingbird will outperform a site with a huge link profile. If you don’t have the money or time to build your backlink profile don’t worry. The main thing is to create awesome content that appeals to Hummingbird. Then you will be able to get ahead of the whales in a particular niche. Let’s take a look at how effective their content is and how Hummingbird responds to it.

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This is a very broad coverage of the current topic. Note that they are in the green zone for most topics. This means that they have a lot of scope and depth and this applies both to individual topics and to the niche as a whole. picture- Rice. . Personal rates on loans picture- Rice. . Account verification picture- Rice. . High Interest Account picture- Rice. . Credit cards Bahrain Mobile Number List with cashback function picture- Rice.  MyMoneyBlog Website Grade C+ Theme Looking at their homepage one would assume that the site is about early retirement investing saving money and credit cards. We pulled this information directly from the top navigation bar. So how do they cover these topics Take a look picture- Rice.

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Topic coverage on is a great site to stop in for a bit and decompress the data. If we can understand why it has so many breaks and what to do about it we will understand what a good site should look like from Hummingbird’s point of view. Research results The topic Early Retirement is the first on the list above and it is very poorly covered. The site should reveal the topic but the content does not reflect it at all. As a result ranking for the keyword is low. picture- Rice. . Rank keywords on the page Let’s look at BU Leads each topic one by one. early retirement picture- Rice. . Theme Early retirement picture- Rice. . Depth and gap in the coverage of the topic Early retirement Here’s what they missed. The depth of coverage for the topic of early retirement is which is significantly less especially considering the fact that the site itself promises to share content on this topic.

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