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This is not good. Actionable Insights Topic breaks are easy to miss. For the term saving money MyMoneyBlog has two relative gaps at the top of its list of related topics. What are these themes Gas production and fuel economy. picture- Rice. . List of related topics See why it’s easy to miss It’s hard to guess that gas production is a topic that can be discussed on a personal finance blog. Nevertheless according to the Market Muse algorithm and semantic analysis there are approximately – authoritative pages on this very topic. This is how real people look and think. This is what matters. It can be difficult for a content director to spot this gap but Google Hummingbird can make the connection quickly. So overall the coverage of saving money on this site is good.

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It is not very convincing in topics related to driving. In our study we see a correlation between relevant topic coverage and topic authority. Identifying gaps is a difficult task. Credit card reward How about a credit card reward We see a definite trend. The depth of the Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List¬†topic is good but the large number of relative discontinuities is astounding. picture- Rice. . Coverage of the topic Credit Card Reward picture- Rice.¬† .Coverage of the topic Credit Card Reward The term credit card reward shows similar performance in relation to the other terms we’ve covered. Coverage is slightly above average but we still see a lot of relative topical gaps.

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Actionable insight Large sites with average performance or below average from nominal performance as a rule contain a lot of keywords. What is the problem These words do not have a very high rating. In the chart below mymoneyblog.com ranks extremely low compared to its closest competitors with high volume keywords. MyMoneyBlog is in the very BU Leads bottom right corner. picture- Rice. . Site rating mymoneyblog.com Why is the site ranking so poorly Because he’s not focused enough. The site covers too many topics but does not cover them completely.

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