A consultation is certainly helpful

With the TecnoNidi Regione Puglia Announcement, recently established companies of high technological. Interest present in this region can access important benefits. In this way we intend to give a significant boost to all companies capable of producing. Ignificant added value from an innovation point of view. A consultation is certainly helpful In these cases, a consultation with industry experts is certainly. Fundamental and allows you to submit a complete application in all its parts. Furthermore, it will be an opportunity for the founders of a startup to take stock. Of the activity carried out, comparing themselves with those who assist new entrepreneurs every day. Let’s now see in detail what the Puglia Region TecnoNidi Notice consists of.

Which companies

Interested in the Australia Telegram Number Data Tecnonidi Puglia Region tender. In this case we are talking about Small or Medium Enterprises (SMEs) based in the Puglia region registered. In the Business Register for no more than 5 years. Furthermore, they must be registered in the Register of innovative startups. Companies dedicated to the development, production and marketing of innovative products or services. With high technological value are admitted to this register. Il Seal Of Excellence These companies must also have achieved the “Seal of Excellence” recognition. It is awarded by the European Commission on the basis of the projects presented and which have a high-value innovation content.

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Investments in research

Development It is then Cambodia Phone Number List necessary that they have incurred research and development costs that represent at least 10% of the total operating costs in at least one of the three years preceding the granting of the aid. In the case of a startup without previous financial data, a current year audit prepared by an external professional. High-impact patents Furthermore, an evaluation may be presented by an external expert, or an application for registration of a patent of high technological value, a harbinger of potential income, even if with the natural risk factor, may be submitted. The amounts financed The call intends to finance investments ranging from a minimum of 25,000 euros up to a maximum of 350,000 euros. Of the maximum sum, at least 250,000 euros must have been allocated to investments and 100,000 euros for normal operating costs.


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