The characteristics of the tender

From February 1st to December 31st 2021 you can submit the application to obtain the contribution. provided for the support service for starting the new company. Therefore, The Rome Chamber of Commerce has allocated 800,000 euros for applications submitted by new aspiring entrepreneurs. Those entitled to the tender Aspiring entrepreneurs will be able to use the sum paid for services provided by the Technical. Therefore, Assistance Centers (CAT), the Craft Service Centers (CSA) and the Authorized .Agricultural Assistance Centers (CAA). Each aspiring entrepreneur can submit only one application for funding. The sums available. The financed amounts cannot exceed 2,500 euros excluding VAT, which rise to 3,000 in the case of the establishment of a joint-stock company.

The Rome Chamber

Commerce provides the Canada Telegram Number Data contribution only when the startup is duly registered in the. Business Register in the province of Rome and upon presentation of the invoice issued for the financeable services. Therefore, The services that can be financed by the 2021 New Business Notice. This type of service varies, but in any case concerns. A whole series of obligations that the new entrepreneur must complete when opening the startup. As regards the strictly administrative practices financed by the 2021 New Business Notice, we are talking, for example, about: INAIL registration. Registration and Declaration of commencement of business in the Company. Register Logo Trademark Registration Business plan drafting SRL Constitution. Establishment of SAS or SNC Registration in the Register of Artisan Companies Other obligations that can be financed include.

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Health and Hygiene Opinion France Phone Number List Urban planning certification. Exceptions regarding basements and minimum heights Submission of application. For new business announcement 2021 and acceptance. The order in which the applications are examined is the “counter” order, i.e. based on the date of submission of the request. The Rome Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to examine the applications. Submitted for the 2021 New Business Notice and to formulate acceptance or denial, promptly notifying the applicant. The same communication is forwarded to the so-called “implementing party” who will be responsible. For carrying out the aforementioned practices. This application must be sent to the appropriate page on the website of the Rome Chamber of Commerce.

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