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HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST FREE WEBSITE MONITORING. To choose the best free website monitoring, there are several factors to consider. First of all, you should check what functions the given monitoring offers. Pay attention to whether it offers website traffic monitoring. Error detection, performance monitoring, page load time monitoring. SEO metrics monitoring, and more. Then check what kind of reports the given monitoring offers. It is important that the reports are detail and easy to read. In addition, you should check whether the given monitoring offers. The possibility of displaying data in real time.

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Another important factor is whether the given monitoring offers the. Possibility of displaying data in the form of graphs and tables. This will allow you to easily compare the data and draw conclusions. You should also check whether the given. Monitoring offers the possibility of displaying data in the form of e-mail or SMS notifications. This will allow you Liberia Email List to react quickly to changes in data. Finally, check what kind. OF technical support the monitoring offers. It is important that support is fast and effective. All these factors will help you. Choose the best free website monitoring. HOW TO SET UP FREE WEBSITE MONITORING? To set up free website monitoring, follow these steps.

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Register in the website monitoring service. Choose the free option to use the service for free After signing up, add the URL. Of the website you want to monitor Set the monitoring frequency. You can choose to monitor every hour. Every hours or every hours Set the time you want to receive page status notifications. You can choose to receive page BU Leads status notifications every hour, every. Hours or every hours Set what kind of notifications you want to receive. You can choose to be notifi about page status, errors, irregularities or other issues Set what kind of action you want to take when a problem is detect. You can choose to send an email notification or display a message on the website Set what kind of action you want to take when a problem is detect.

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