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Consumers prioritize local content in ads and . of local mobile phone searches result in sales. I hope you begin to better understand what voice requests are . Now let’s see how you can improve your chances of appearing in voice search results to drive more traffic. Structure your content to give users answers to relevant topical search queries I hope you already know that keywords are not as relevant today as they used to be even in search engines. Google instantly offers relevant answers to the searcher using its knowledge graph.

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Figure Rice Google Instant Replies One way to get inside the head of a user looking for something is to use tools like FAQ ox. As I said above once you enter a keyword and select a category Figure Rice. Keyword and category setting the tool comes back with full questions asked by your target audience on other sites on the internet. Figure Rice. Examples of user Venezuela Mobile Number List questions You can download these questions as a table. Then quickly review it and delete unnecessary questions. You can use these questions to write your next articles. In addition you can browse popular forums in your niche to discover the most common questions. Or use search inside Discus.

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Figure Rice Search within Discus If you include questions from this list in your content you will increase your chances of getting into the knowledge graph. Thanks to personal assistants the importance of questions increases. Moreover spoken language better reflects the user’s intent. How exactly. Well when a person simply says .-inch MacBook. you’re not sure BU Leads if the person is looking for some MacBook specs or wants to buy one. But when he puts the question in a conversational way and asks it to a smart personal assistant you better understand his intentions. Here are a few questions to help you feel the difference: What tasks can a -inch MacBook do.

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