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This update actually introduced the concept of .semantic context. and has become one of the key components in the field of content marketing and advertising in search engines. Figure Rice. Explicit and implicit aspects of search queries It is no longer necessary to rely solely on the use of keywords in content a certain number of times. What matters is the natural language and the intended intent behind the search query. It is more important than the request itself. Figure Rice. Compute Intended Intent Based on Context Query and Other Factors With intelligent personal assistants .IPAs. context becomes even more important.

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The assistant aims to provide the user with a direct response and not just a list of websites. Let’s look at the results of some IPAs for different types of search queries. Information queries like .how old is Barack Obama. are easy to answer directly. To do this Google uses its knowledge graph. Figure Rice. Query population of London. Hound receives context-based data Uruguay Mobile Number List¬†using the IPA. Figure Rice. Search for weather in London. using IPA Transactional requests are treated in much the same way. Most of the steps can be completed within Siri itself before the program launches the app. This feature will also be made available by Google for apps in the Android store soon.

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New and improved Google search function Here is the final classification of the three types of search queries – transactional informational and navigational. Figure Rice. Three types of search queries Distinguishing Characteristics of Voice Search Of course voice search will have a significant impact on your marketing strategies. Just look at how fast this¬† technology is developing it’s a blast. Figure Rice. The number of Google voice commands has grown BU Leads since . That is why it is so important to adapt the language you use in your content to the human .colloquial. So let’s take a look at the current data showing the typical characteristics of voice queries.

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