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For example when we get sick The main thing is to get the right pill from the doctor and not to understand what this ailment is connect with. The tablet will work faster! Let’s try to figure out what causes the objections of the buyer that is what are the reasons. In our lives we constantly play the roles of buyer and seller. And if the role of the buyer is familiar to us then regarding the other role we think that it is only for those who are engaged in sales.

The Power Behind Connections

In fact every time we talk with someone about going to the movies going on vacation or doing something together we’re in sales and we’re confront with a fact that irritates us: objections from the other side. For some reason she the other side does not accept such a logical in our opinion decision / proposal! As a basis for reflection let’s take an ordinary business Country Email List situation. A potential buyer has come to you for a product. It would seem that he himself chose it. Why then does he also require an additional bonus for agreeing to buy from you Where is the logic Let’s try to understand the reasons for the behavior of a potential buyer by answering questions What is sales When a customer asks for a product what does he really nee From Wikipedia Sale – exchange of goods or services for money confirmed by a sales receipt an act of work performed an invoice for the transfer of goods in the last two cases the cash flow is recorded by a separate document.

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Creates The Basis For Objections

At the beginning of the training I asked the participants to define the word “sales”. And most often I heard the answer: Sale is the exchange of goods  services for money Alexander Timo shin. Business consultant coach. As you can see the definition in the training matches well with Wikipedia. By the way having received a task participants often simply write off the answer from Wikipedia without even thinking. And then the rule turns on: As we think BU Leads so we do! If this is an exchange then everything should happen quickly since it is assume that the buyer knows what he needs and the seller owns it. And then sales from time to time imperceptibly turn into negotiations: discussion of the conditions for purchasing a product with obligatory objections regarding their cost.

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