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Thanks to the fact that we displayed the ad for general. User queries and paid twice the target cost for a potential conversion, we can later reach long-tail phrases for half the cost of the target CPA. What’s more – when we already have a history with a given use. The algorithms are better able to assess what ad and product to display to maximize the chances of conversion. In this way, you can see that the budget devoted to generic campaigns has not been wasted. If these campaigns were not working, we would not have been able to acquire this user. Algorithms It is worth dwelling a bit longer on the issue of user history and looking at it through the prism of algorithms.

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The rule is simple – the more points of contact the user has with our website. The greater the chance for conversions. It is therefore good to reach the user Chad Email List at all stages, because then the algorithm is able to know exactly what his expectations are. At the same time, when reaching a potential customer at various stages, we must be aware that he may be quite far from the purchase, and therefore we must adopt appropriately lower ROAS goals. This shows that advertising is a set of connected vessels.

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One campaign supports the other, and in the end, when we look at all marketing activities, we can get a satisfactory ROAS. After all, no one will expect an ROAS from awareness activities on YT. This is the whole essence of marketing – the right BU Leads strategy, understanding the customer and his purchasing path and skillfully building a campaign structure that will allow you to properly select goals maximizing the final effect. And it’s not limited to Google Ads alone – many other sources draw from our activities. . Competitor’s actions The competition does not sleep, and we see what it does.

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