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This is an element that has already become a standard – thanks to it. The client knows when he can contact us, and thus, he will not be frustrated if we do not answer the phone after hours. Unfortunately, many stores still forget about it. An interesting and innovative solution is the use of a “telephone cloud”, which allows you to contact the store. It contains information about the work of the helpline and slogans that are a kind of CTA , such as “we will determine what you need”. CRO – CTA checklist source: s:uro CRO checklist – conversation with an expert source: s:urolaptopy-i-netbookihp- s-fq nw intel-core-i – g – gb-ram- gb-disk-win.

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Bhtml A fairly common practice is the “leave number – we’ll call you back” option. This may be a suitable solution for people who do not have free minutes or cannot talk on the phone at the moment. In addition, we collect contacts for subsequent Chile Email List users to our database, to whom we can then send . text messages with an offer. It is important that such a pop-up includes a checkbox regarding GDPR and marketing consents. CRO checklist – checkbox source: st-mobileckontakt?rel=menukontakt&snrs_cp= b e-ebc – fd- cf-f a d a&snrs_var= E-mail Like the phone.

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This method of contact must be in the “contact” tab. In addition, we can place an e-mail address in the header or footer of the page – depending on which form of contact our company prefers. If it is e-mail, it is worth highlighting it more. CRO checklist – mail source: s:zapato CRO checklist – email addresses source: s:pulsdlazdrowia Live Chat Messenger This is a relatively new form of contact, but already widely used by most large companies. It mainly BU Leads suits the younger generation, so if our target group is young people, we should pay more attention to the good implementation of this option. Live Chat can be placed in the contact tab.

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