Number of searches for a brand word – where and how to measure it : Can articles be and is it worth iting What are the methods of targeting video ads on YouTube Michal Zieziula May , You will read in ~ min. What are the methods of targeting video ads on youtube Due to the constantly developing YouTube platform and newer and newer opportunities for website users – including advertisers – it is reasonable to gain knowlge about how to target ads on YouTube. And there are quite a lot of them and they give really wide possibilities. YouTube and Google At the outset, it is worth noting that YouTube is a different creation than other websites belonging to the Google advertising network.

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Thanks to a wide range of targeting solutions, we can set additional advertising goals by considering what effects we expect when launching a Bulgaria Email List campaign. According to data available on the YouTube website , the site is visit by over billion logg-in users per month. Every minute, over hours of content are upload to the global giant’s servers. This includes makes this video platform (and not only) one of the most popular websites in Poland, and together with other components of Google it takes st place. “Shopping for the next generation” On February this year, Neal Mohan.

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Director of YouTube Products, announc on Google Blog Polska that among the changes plann for there will be a beta version of the new integrat shopping service. It will allow viewers to take advantage of the advice and knowlge of trust creators. This BU Leads is to allow for conscious and – which may be more important information for e-commerce – direct purchases on YouTube. YouTube channel Due to the huge popularity of the website and the wide range of opportunities it offers to creators, marketers, and especially viewers, the website may turn out to be an important element in building the brand’s position on the market and reaching out to users.

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