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This calendar helps you achieve your fitness goals. picture- Rice. Anytime Fitness gave its followers a free exercise calendar You can give users an e-book a brochure a monthly subscription or anything else that your audience finds impossible to write about refrigerators in an interesting way remember the example of Kubanzheldormash . Tip Don’t forget about social media advertising. More about product promotion in Social Media . Website conversion social networks Buns People love holidays and gifts. Most of all free and unexpected. Especially themed ones.

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Create a holiday calendar and prepare small souvenirs. Do not abuse symbols and logos they are justified if the gift is expensive bag blanket thermos. Giving gifts advertising your company ㅡ is like giving someone a photo of yourself for their birthday. In addition add themed graphic elements to the site. We are talking about holidays such as New Year March Belize Mobile Number List Halloween St. Patrick’s Day and so on. Use any information occasion to be different from the rest. You can make gifts without holidays but it depends on the budget and the category of the online store.

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Tip Use the holidays as an occasion for social media posts and newsletters. Mobile version of the site Mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic last year. The mobile version of the site is extremely important in today’s realities. How many visitors enter your online store from a smartphone How convenient is it to place an order from the mobile version of the site Try to choose and order something yourself. Or call. And pay. Tip see what versions of operating systems BU Leads users access most often and test your site based on this data. Where is the highest bounce rate It’s likely that your site looks different on the mobile screens of your customers than it does on the iPhone screen.

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