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Despite all the apparent complexity in fact this indicator is quite simple to calculate. All you have to do is add up your monthly marketing budget and then divide that number by the number of new customers you’ve brought in that month. Let’s say you spend in a month on marketing and you get new customers. In this case the cost of attracting one client is up to .. It is also possible to calculate this indicator on an annual basis as in this example: Figure Rice. Calculation of CAC for the year Knowing this you will be able to effectively plan your marketing budget depending on the number of customers you want to attract.

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Thus if you want to acquire new customers per month you would need to spend approximately .. This number can vary from month to month depending on how effective your marketing campaigns are. The average customer acquisition cost over three months will give you an idea of ​​how much you need to spend on marketing to acquire the required number of new Uganda Phone Number List customers. To better understand CAC it’s worth identifying the channels you use to acquire customers. For example you can use multiple marketing methods at the same time: paid search social media and email marketing. Each channel has a corresponding cost. Knowing how much you’re spending per channel will help you estimate your CAC more accurately.

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Figure Rice  Cost of customer acquisition depending on the channel Different industries use different methods for tracking CAC. In industries with long sales cycles and many customer touches the CAC will be higher and harder to calculate. Figure Rice. Estimating the cost of customer acquisition Knowing your CAC is critical but it’s also important to know how BU Leads to act on your results. If your CAC is too high you are in trouble. Customer value must exceed CAC for the business to function properly. Figure Rice. The ratio of the cost of customer acquisition and monetization The balance between CAC and lifetime value provides marketers with information on how to proceed.

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