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Good copywriter is not cheap but he will justify the cost because he will attract an audience. For example such texts make us think about delivery from Kiev. If you think that it is It is obvious that this is unprofitable. Therefore it is time to urgently reduce advertising costs. How to do this they know in How to calculate SAS There are two ways to calculate CAC – simple and complex: In the first case you divide the total amount of costs invested in advertising by the number of buyers attracted. In the second you take into account not only the cost of advertising but also the cost of wages of attracted and full-time specialists targetologist copywriters designers marketers payment for services overhead etc.

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Divide the total amount by the number of clients. Obviously the CAC obtained from a complex formula will be higher than the CAC calculated from a simple one. We recommend using a complex calculation formula as it is more honest and clearer. How do we determine the optimal CAC CAC is an indicator of the effectiveness and profitability of an advertising Algeria Mobile Number List campaign AC on the Internet. Therefore we calculate CAC even before the launch of the main RC using test technologies. This approach firstly saves the customer’s budget and allows you to spend advertising money only on leads – target visitors to the site. And secondly it helps to immediately understand how much advertising will cost.

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Typically the CAC indicator is tied to LTV Customer Lifetime Value – the amount of profit that one client brings while he uses your services. ROI starts at a ratio of That is each new buyer brings at least three times more money than was spent on finding and BU Leads attracting him. How to get new clients with minimal CAC Sales growth is possible in any business the main thing is to properly launch the “engine of trade” – advertising. We know how to do it. Work on product promotion begins with the formation of strategies and the calculation of CAC.

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