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On the other hand if your business goal is to get web traffic and online conversions then the AdWords ad approach might fit the bill. Key takeaway: Don’t bet on AdWords if you’re a local small business and don’t want to compete with big national corporations. If you are a small local company and you are going to compete in the market with a large national company you should invest in local search engine optimization instead of AdWords. Why Here are the main considerations. If you are a local business you have every opportunity to get a place in the local list.

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Your local target market customers are statistically more likely to click on a local listing than they are to select paid advertisements. This means that you will be able to win the click battle. It also means that you will be wasting your money if you try to get results from a paid ad. Thus in order to effectively compete with larger competitors at the local level the Argentina Mobile Number List following key points should be considered Key Point Google’s local search algorithm places local businesses on the local list not large corporations. In search results the most important ranking factors are relevance distance and visibility. National companies generally do not compete in such a way to gain access to a local list. As a result local firms gain an advantage.

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Key Point Most local users your target market will choose organic/local organic results over paid ads. Remember the heatmap What if your site is at the top of the local results covered in a ton of clicks If so then you have won. Paid ads just don’t get that many clicks Key Point AdWords competition can be very costly and those who compete there are BU Leads¬†essentially throwing money away. You most likely don’t have the same budget as the big boys who spend millions on advertising. In addition it is useless to try to compete with companies that seek to gain a market on a national scale.

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