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The ratio of profit and the number of subscribers at each stage of the launch . Online video is the fastest growing content marketing trend Speaking of trends it’s impossible not to mention this incredibly fast growing type of content. Video. Written content is the easiest to produce. It has the highest SEO scores and has a huge impact on users. But videos are an extremely effective strategy if you want people to understand your products better. Indeed for some complex subjects videos are the best type of content to provide context and explanation. Figure Rice. Sample video with explanation In video has grown strongly in consumption compared to other types of content.

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Many predict that video will make up . of all internet traffic by . Figure Rice. Graph of the growth of different types of content Reading text especially on mobile screens can be quite inconvenient. People prefer to watch videos. In the past I’ve talked about how Dollar Shave Club and Or brush became multi-million dollar brands through viral YouTube videos that Slovenia Phone Number List told the story of the brand. Videos don’t just grab your audience’s attention. Videos get a higher level of interaction which leads to more conversions and your bottom line. Figure Rice. Conversion Rate by Content Type Facebook started using video and in January they reported that their videos were viewed million hours a day.

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Pretty soon they realized that live videos generate higher levels of engagement in news feeds. So in March they began to consider live videos as a new type of content. I encourage you to use a live Q&A session to connect with your audience on Facebook. Your fans will appreciate human eye contact. And this usually leads to a high level of engagement. If you are planning to record online video there are types of videos you could create. How to make a video BU Leads that contains the phrases your audience is looking for. Pat Flynn shares useful information with his audience in a series of videos. Figure Rice. Pat Flynn’s Podcast Tutorial Video You may also consider recording online video interviews that provide valuable information to your audience.

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