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Mobile only – entry to SXO Source: With the rapid proliferation of smartphones, web design has also mov towards responsiveness and mobile first. Online stores and websites have enrich their concept with mobile versions. This new approach is dictat by a change in fundamental priorities. Proper display on mobile devices is of the highest priority when developing websites. Desktop versions are still in development, but their importance is only second. Developers therefore face new challenges: they must focus on developing an efficient, mobile design, in which, for example, short loading time is of great importance.

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Every byte counts here. Only what is relevant should be display, so developers cannot copy from existing pages, that have been optimiz for desktop computers. Following trends, some companies like Snapchat have creat apps that work exclusively on mobile devices. Unlike “mobile first” solutions, “mobile only” products are not implement for desktop computers at all. The functionality of the application is a big challenge. They must meet the expectations Qatar Email List that customers have towards traditional online stores. Moreover, they should be user-centric, fast, structur and sales-orient. Online stores should offer both desktop and mobile optimiz solutions to be compliant with general shopping behavior: mobile browsing, desktop buying.

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Considering the complete transition of Googlebots to mobile indexing and the fact that over of traffic in Poland is generat by mobile devices (see chart below), the trend is irreversible and one should prepare for it thoroughly. StatCounter – Introduction BU Leads to SXO Source: s:gs.statcounter In order for your website to remain competitive in a rapidly changing and technologically evolving market, it is important that you keep up with the news and implement them. Why is interaction spe more important than loading spe? When you create a modern website, it is important to measure, optimize and monitor.

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