Marketing strategy improves the marketing effectiveness of companies

Google Analytics has one great advantage, which for some may also be its huge disadvantage it is very flexible – not only when it comes to adapting reports to our nes, but also the transmitt data. This means that implementing traffic tracking on the website using GA involves a lot of work. At the beginning, you should carefully consider the construction of your website and consider what events you would like to send to the tool. Then – when you have creat such a map of events – it’s time to implement their tracking, and finally – create reports that will present the collect data in an optimal way for you.

Marketing Strategy Improves The Marketing Effectiveness Of Companies

The description of the process sounds like tens or even hundrs of hours to complete, right? Google Analytics implementation in steps That is why we have prepar an infographic presenting the entire Google Analytics implementation process in Portugal Email List simple steps. Every month, a new article will appear on our blog, with which we will guide you through the next step of setting up the tool. Why don’t we publish a description of the whole process at once? We know that your time at work is limit and you can’t just spend a whole month implementing a new analytics tool, putting aside your other responsibilities.

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That is why our GA implementation program has been prepar so that it does not burden your already busy week. There are stages waiting for you basic tool configuration, implementation of extend e-commerce, collecting additional data for BU Leads tracking (website analysis), implementation of additional data collection, preparation of reports in the analysis center. In the infographic you will find basic information about Google Analytics , its advantages and a comparison of the tool with Universal Analytics. You can find a general guide to GA here.

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