Has there been a noticeable drop in the number of links on the page or group of pages where you noticed a change in rankings. Has there been a noticeable drop in the number of links on a page on your site linking to the page or group of pages where you notic a change in ranking. Run a Screaming Frog on your site to find out which pages have internal links to the affect pages. Check the number of internal links per page per link from the affect page. Has there been a noticeable decrease in the number of inbound links to the page or group of pages where you notic a change in rankings. Use Ahrens or Majestic to find sites linking to affected pages.

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Have any of them recently suffered from declining links. Did they recently update their site. Did it change the URLs the navigation structure or the content on the page. If that’s the problem. The key here is to figure out where you lost links and why you can then try to repair or replace them. Can links be restor. Do you maintain a relationship with the site owner who Nepal Phone Number Lis provid you with the links. Talking to him might help. Links were removed during the site update. Perhaps it happened by accident. Contact the site owner – you may be able to convince him to return the links. Have the links been replaced with links to another source. Explore a new source – how to make your links more attractive than theirs. Update your content and contact the site owner with links.

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Can you convince your internal team to take on new links to quickly replace old ones. Show your manager how much the reduction in the number of links affects rankings and ask about the resources that will be needed to replace them. Renewing links is difficult but if you succeed make sure next time you create a strategy for building long-term links. Did you change the affected page. If you or your team have recently changed the affected pages Google BU Leads may consider them to be less important to the target keyword than they used to be. Have you changed the URL. DO NOT CHANGE URLs. URLs are unique identifiers for Google. the new  denotes a new page even if the content is the same. Was the keyword replaced from the H or H page title. 

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