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The possibility of using the Internet of things by marketers By having access to your customers’ specific issues and data you can ensure that marketing reaches a more personal deeper level. This will give you the opportunity to offer solutions to everyday problems of each consumer. If you want to better understand how the Internet of Things will affect online marketing then I recommend you read the article I wrote for Forbes magazine. Businesses will use augmente and virtual reality creatively Meet another friend of artificial intelligence – augmented reality.

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The social network Facebook has invest a lot of money in the development of this technology. Zuckerberg noted that virtual reality has huge potential and could become the most social platform in the future. Augmented Reality is playful immersive social and personalized. It can be use to integrate virtual content into the real physical world. Nowadays Namibia Phone Number List companies are using it to create compelling user experiences. Let me show you some examples. Northern Lightning exhibits its complete furniture collection in D using augmented reality. This allows customers to feel more involve when using their product catalog and reduces the company’s need for a huge number of physical samples and the costs associated with their production and delivery.

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Picture- Rice An example of using augmented reality by Northern Lightning TurnstangenSEO scores are down: a step-by-step guide to improving them   SEO  Translation We present to your attention the translation of an article by Kristina Kledzik a consultant in the field of online marketing. Kristina works with Rover Dotcom and Moz and is well versed in Google Analytics. In this article she talks about how to improve your ranking scores when they have gone BU Leads down drastically. SEO Rankings Drop: A Step-by-Step Guide to Recovery A few weeks ago the page rankings in a key section of my site dropped by about an entire position in one day I’ve been working in SEO for. 

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