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An entrepreneur simply needs to automate repetitive tasks in order to improve their own efficiency. Content production is no exception. According to Gartner  of business content will be generated by robots by . In particular content based on data and on analytical information. It will be processed in natural language using various tools. Such content may include press releases white papers reports legal documents and more. Astonishingly a robot journalist can produce about  data-driven connected articles every second. You have most likely seen a lot of bad and rewritten content and may not trust this technology. I entered one of the paragraphs of this article into the automated writing service at free-article-spinner.

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Look at the complex words used by the program – they are the ones that make the content feel meaningless. picture- Rice. Fragment of an article rewritten with the help of a robot In the future content written by a robot will be coherent and readable.  are already using content created without human Macedonia Phone Number List intervention. Here is an example of an article from Apple with Q forecasts for . picture- Rice. An example of an article created by a robot AP Edition generates  automated financial statements every quarter. You can start producing automated natural language content for your business with the Automated Insights service. If you’re wondering how the tool works then Wordsmith provides an explanation.

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You connect data create a template view an article and publish it. picture- Rice. Explanation of the Wordsmith platform regarding the operation of the Automated Insights service Wordsmith claims that it is possible to create personalized content that every reader will enjoy while taking care of SEO. And you know what Creating  stories based on data will cost you BU Leads So what does AI-generated content mean for marketers like you and me Quality matters a lot but content needs to be posted frequently. I told you before that sites including Huff Po and Business Insider publish thousands of blog posts every day. Take a look at the increase in the number of published posts on WordPress from October  to July.

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