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But what does overtourism have to do with digital transformation? The link can easily be traced back if you think . About how much social media is capable of influencing people in choosing the destination to visit. Many people, in fact, begin to “dream” about their trip starting from the contents. They see published on the profiles of their acquaintances. Econsultancy even talks about the ” Insta effect “, since as many as 40% of people interviewed under the age of 30 consider “instagrammability” one of the important factors in choosing which trip to undertake.

Therefore it is

obvious that the more a Canada Phone Number List destination is visited, photographed and shared on social media. The more other users are encouraged to go and visit it, in an uninterrupted cycle which leads to overtourism, which is perhaps the negative consequence of the influence of social media. In the context of the travel sector – which, by the way, can undoubtedly be considered a further trend. However, as often happens, the cause of a problem is also its solution. If, in fact, the digital transformation has favored this excess of tourists in some particularly well-known locations. This phenomenon can still be addressed through the internet and social media. The opposite trend of undertourism , i.e. proximity tourism, away from the most classic and famous destinations, is spreading online .

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This is confirmed

by  which in a research study China Phone Number List found that 51 % of users are increasingly looking for the so-called “next best places” to visit , which are still little known and far from the most traditional routes . And to find them they obviously turn to the internet and social media, which now represent real travel books in which it is easy to find different trips and destinations based on your needs. This means that even less “trendy” places can exploit the internet and gain relevance and above all attract tourists. This latest trend, also strengthened by Covid-19, summarizes well the impact of digital transformation on this sector. As new solutions and new technologies become available, the paradigm of a certain business also  opportunities for growth and development, you just need to know how to adapt and learn to manage this transformation, changing your point of view on things.

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