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The forms of advertising on which advertisers spend the most in Swen are: search engine advertising – . billion social mia advertising – . million banner ads – million The largest increase in spending compar to was record in the social mia advertising category – it amount to + . . Spending on video marketing also increas, here the increase reach . . Small positive changes are also noticeable in the expenditure on banner ads and announcements, although they do not even reach . Allegro – Why is it worth being a seller on the largest Polish marketplace Damian Mielech June , You will read in ~ min. Allegro – Why it is worth being a seller The e-commerce industry in Poland is growing dynamically.

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Therefore, it is worth considering the undisput leader, which is Allegro. Marketplace was establish in and was inspir by the growing popularity of Ebay. Today, it is unquestionably the largest player on the Polish e-commerce market. What’s more – it is Bolivia Email List sometimes compar to such giants as Amazon, Ebay and Aliexpress. Is it worth selling on Allegro For most Poles, Allegro is synonymous with online shopping. According to Gemius Polska research, in as many as of all Internet users consider Allegro to be their favorite shopping destination. By starting sales on the largest Polish marketplace, we automatically gain access to millions of potential customers.

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Statistics don’t lie Allegro statistics The most impressive is the fact that Allegro in was includ in the TOP of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world. And it is worth noting that it is bas mainly on the Polish market: Top e-commerce BU Leads platforms in the world in million views per month name views in million Amazon eBay AliExpress . Mercado Libre . Rakuten . Walmart . J.D Tmall . Shopee . Allegro . Reaching such huge recognition, Allegro also became a monopolist on the market. And there is no doubt that every hegemony has both advantages and disadvantages.

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