Advantages of selling on Allegro There are undoubtly more advantages, but let’s focus on the most characteristic ones: Access to a huge number of buyers – when we start selling, Allegro provides us with the ability to reach all users visiting the portal from the very beginning. Ready auction template – thanks to it, listing an auction is very simple and intuitive. High probability of sale – using the trust and sense of security that Allegro has built around its brand, sellers increase the probability of purchase by customers entering the auctions many times over. Precise algorithms – not only trust around the brand increases the likelihood of sales.

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The specific algorithms that are design to direct a potential customer looking for exactly the product offer by the seller also work in favor. Listing auctions is free – service fees depend on the effects of sales via Allegro, which is why the website charges the Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List main fees in the form of sales commission. Disadvantages of selling on Allegro Despite the huge number of advantages, it is also worth mentioning the most important disadvantages: Increasingly high fees – despite the huge access to customers, Allegro often discourages sellers with high fees. These are sales commissions and promotion fees, which the monopolist has been increasing successively for several years.

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A lot of competition – wide and simple access to potential buyers tempts many sellers. Therefore, promotion on Allegro is now an inseparable element of effective sales, which increases the cost in relation to revenue. Control and strict BU Leads guidelines – Allegro “looks at sellers’ hands” and imposes very strict standards. Maintaining effective sales involves many requirements that sellers must meet. Marketplace requires, for example, quick responses to buyers, hassle-free returns, etc. Is it profitable to sell on Allegro Considering the disadvantages mention above, the question should be ask.

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