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This time I’ll take a look at the top Google tools for SEO professionals. However I am not going to write about the most famous instruments. In other words you won’t find information about Keyword Planner Tool Google Analytics or Google Search Console here. I would like to talk about the tools that you may not use but they can have a huge impact on what you do. So let’s begin .Google Mobile-Friendly Test Did you know that about of search queries come from mobile devices Ten years ago it was hard to believe that this day would come.

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However he came. And it’s not going anywhere. If you are interested in SEO then it is important to understand the impact it has on your website. Google is making it clear to us that your site needs to be mobile friendly so if it isn’t you need to get serious about it. Fortunately the search engine giant has done some of the work for you making your life much easier Croatia Mobile Number List Google’s Mobile Friendly Page Test Tool will tell you in just a couple of seconds whether your site is mobile friendly or not. Enter the URL and click the Analyze button – something similar will appear picture- Rice. An example of using a tester from Google As you can see there is no golden mean here.

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Your website is either mobile friendly or it isn’t. If your site fails this test then you should not test it one more time before making the necessary changes. A mobile-friendly version of your site can have a wonderful effect on your search engine rankings as well as the amount of organic traffic generated. Google My Business Local SEO is big business. If you are BU Leads a local company doing business on the Internet then you need a very thoughtful strategy based on search engine optimization. For most professionals the tool needed in this case is Google My Business.

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