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To determine the age of your site What tactical methods can be.  To successfully promote a young sit transferring the age of the site through gluing mirrors . Promotion of low-frequency requests on the example of the site months . Promotion of information requests . Website promotion in Google Moscow . Website promotion in the regions of Russia How to determine the age of your site . Determine the domain registration date using

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World archive data can be view here Site age world archive what tactical methods can be use to. Successfully promote A young site Transferring the age of the site through gluing mirrors.  The accumulate authority of the old domain is Costa Rica Mobile Number List transfer. To the new one Old site We decide that we  a new short domain name.  Algorithm for  merging mirrors and transferring domain. Age for Yandex for two domains completely Identical content is given in the  file set the directive Host seed.

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We are waiting for an update of the Yandex mirror robot may take from . to months after gluing and changing the mirror. Set up a redirect from the old site to the new domain name. For Google in both sites in the site settings – select the main domain. When does it not work If a third-party site is indexed. At the new address to which we want. To transfer the age In this case when merging sites the age of the new domain may not be transfer. Bottom line SEO BU Leads tactic No conveying age through gluing. mirrors You can take into account and transfer the age to a new project. Only at the start of the project. An initial age thematic site is require with which gluing will take place.

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