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Description of goods High-quality photos and descriptions are a must have. In addition to listing the characteristics and composition of the goods add – sentences to the description in simple human language. This is especially important for online clothing and technology stores. For example very easy to clean quiet and so on. Use real reviews for inspiration. Another life hack post a photo of the product in a natural setting TV on the wall mixer in the process of cooking laptop on the table. Offline stores use this psychological trick times out of.

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Here you will find more psychological principles that lead to higher conversions . Tip put the product you want to sell in the upper left corner. Contact points Each page view of an online store’s product page is a point of contact. Typically a user opens – links from Colombia Mobile Number List the search results and looks for the best option. The more such points of contact with your product the higher the likelihood of a conversion. If the only point of contact ㅡ is your site then the user assuming good SEO will see your product once. Therefore we suggest that you work with other sites ㅡ markets bulletin boards partners.

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For example if you sell clothes a thermal underwear retailer would be a good partner for the winter. Tip thoroughly check the partner’s reputation before starting work. Social media You need to work with social networks both in terms of reviews and in terms of building a community and working with bloggers. Remember that social media ㅡ is a constant BU Leads dialogue. Post video reviews of bloggers send goods for testing to opinion leaders publish tips how to choose a tablet for a child how to choose jeans according to your figure write beautifully and tasty. A good copywriter is not cheap but he will justify the cost because he will attract an audience.

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