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It is worth knowing that turning on the distinction gives us the opportunity to participate in the Allegro installment program, which does not involve the seller at all, but gives the user a chance to buy in installments. What exactly is the Bargain Zone? This is something that can be describ as “turbo awards” – additionally promot by the Allegro website. The featur product has an additional label under the price, hit, new, sale or great deal. It also allows users to filter products by promotions. During Black Friday or Black Weekend, this section changes the look a bit, but the principle is the same.

Calculating Return On Investment

The condition for being in the Bargain Zone is the application of a discount – it is declarative, we enter the previous and the new price ourselves, we submit it for approval by Allegro. You can submit your product to the Bargain Zone for any number San Marino Email List of days, an appropriate fee is charg, but only until the product is sold out. In a nutshell – the Opportunity Zone is to promote limit offers, and products from it also appear in various information sections of Allegro, such as And how are the fees for the Bargain Zone calculat.

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What Should You Remember

Just like for awards, they also consist of two components, except that the raise of the commission is even higher here. Fees for promot offers on Allegro are quite complicat and depend on many details, which is why sellers often use the services of specializ BU Leads agencies. The form of promotion through the Opportunity Zone works best for products with a high mark-up, which can be lower to offer an attractive discount. So it’s time to go to Allegro Ads. What are they, is it worth using them, how to settle accounts? Allegro does not hide the fact that it is a format in which it has invest a lot of time and resources and is constantly developing it.

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