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Allegro Ads ensures that sponsor offers are always in the first two positions of the search results and at the end of these results. They resemble other search results. What stands out is the display ad, which also has a different billing model, while the Allegro Ads ad in the CPC model is very integrat with the search results. Do Allegro Ads not appear when using the category tree? It appears, but not only in the results themselves, but also in the so-call in the left column, where there are direct links to specific offers. But these are not all places where we will see sponsor products.

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Once we enter a specific offer, boxes with other products of the seller are visible at the bottom, and boxes “propos for you” appear more and more often next to them. This placement is very interesting because it gives you the opportunity to show yourself to Saudi Arabia Email List someone who watches our competition and doesn’t know us yet. It has a much better conversion, you don’t always ne to set the highest CPC in it, because it can also be beneficial to be in the middle of the bid, due to the horizontal arrangement of this section.

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Allegro – as a very extensive portal – also offers other places for advertisements, referr to as “other”. Is it possible to separate placements on mobile and desktop? No, we cannot differentiate it, but it is worth noting that ads are also display in the Allegro mobile application. Recent Allegro reports indicate a very large increase in conversions from BU Leads advertising on mobile devices. There is no good advertising network without targeting and billing, costs. How does it look in the case of Allegro Ads? Let’s start with the costs. Allegro Ads offers a CPC settlement model, such as in Google Ads.

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