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So there is no fix fee, and information about clicks can be track in the analytics panel. Although it is not very advanc, it still allows you to extract basic data, about impressions, clicks, CTR, adding to watch, number of items sold and sales value. Therefore, you can calculate the return on investment in advertising both at the level of entire campaigns, product groups, ad groups and a single offer. Is there a possibility to display commission on sales, or do you have to calculate it yourself? No, but I recommend using the Allegro calculator tool, where you can quickly calculate it.

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It is also worth exporting data to excel and doing calculations there. Allegro Ads allows you to manage costs and it is really worth doing. Let us also remember that in the Allegro Ads panel we will find information about the sales generat by this Scotland Email List system, and not about all sales from a given offer. Note, however, that the system will not always attribute the sale to the ad, although it contribut to its generation. Let’s go back to attribution for a moment. Is it last click? Fortunately, not, because in the case of Allegro, it would distort the results.

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The system remembers clicks for days, so a purchase made during this time will be attribut to the ad. It happens, however, that the purchasing process takes longer, hence the discrepancies I mention earlier. How is the CPC bid in an auction BU Leads determin? In text advertising, CPC is the only billing model. For each ad group, we set the maximum bid we can pay per click. So if we determine that it is PLN , we certainly will not pay more, and maybe even less – as much as will be agre in the auction.

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