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Moreover, the natural effect of our current situation is an increase in sales in some e-commerce segments, such as e-pharmacy, office supplies, DIY and home decor stores, as well as those with an assortment of exercise products. Practices of large e-players in connection with COVID- How to protect your business from potential losses? First of all – don’t panicĀ  If we are a strictly offline company – let’s try to transfer at least part of it to the Internet. Maybe now it will not translate directly into sales, but later – it can pay off with loyal customers.

How To Increase Sales In A B2b Online Store

Below we present the most common practices, which are introduc by larger and smaller e-commerce players in connection with the current situation, but also gastronomy from our local “backyard” The most important thing is information It is worth that each of our clients receives clear information that we still fulfill orders and in what way. If there Angola Email List are any downtimes in the supply chain – let’s write about it too. The lack of any information may cause unnecessary problems in the company-customer relationship, especially since we are all aware that some processes may be less efficient at this point. COVID- ZALANDO That’s what Zalando does Promotions leverage trade – not only in the era of COVID- Regular promotions can help ensure our turnover.

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Get To Know Your Customers To Increase Sales

Of course, this will temporarily ruce real revenue due to the ruction of the standard margin, but at this point, the whole company is the most important thing. Discounts and promotions are visible all over the internet. This is especially important now because users may be afraid to spend money on things they don’t ne. However, if we have an interesting BU Leads offer, we will certainly be able to encourage customers to buy. covid- about you That’s what AboutYou does Adjusting the offer to current trends and demand In the coming weeks, when restaurants and clubs are clos, it may not be a good idea to focus on sales activities relat to accessories or clothes.

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